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Amazing snow scene at Buddhist sacred land Fanjing Mountain

People's Daily Online)  14:34, January 29, 2013  

Photo shows the snow scene at the Fanjing Mountain in Tongren city, south China's Guizhou Province. (CNSPHOTO/Teng Shuyong)

Edited and translated by Ye Xin, People's Daily Online

Known as one of China's sacred Buddhist mountains, as famous as the Mount Emei, Wutai Mountain, Mount Putuo and Jiuhua Mountain, Fanjing Mountain is not only a Buddhist halidome but also a national natural reserve. It is located in Tongren city, south China's Guizhou province and is the highest mountain of the Wuyi Mountains at an elevation of 2,572 meters.

Included on UNESCO's "Man and Biosphere" list, it is a typical area with fairly complete protection of the subtropical biological system. This prime area has nearly 3,000 specimens of plants, in which many precious trees are widespread. It also has 11 spices of rare and precious animals under state protection and its some 100 Guizhou Golden Monkeys are the only remaining ones in the world now. The natural scenery on Fanjing Mountain is spectacular, dangerous, pretty, strange and secluded.

With an annual temperature about 5 to 7 degrees Celsius, Fanjing Mountain is in the alpine monsoon climate of mid sub-tropic zone. It's neither cold in winter nor hot in summer.

In a word, Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve is a beautiful tourist attraction with magnificent views. Especially when you climb up the top of the mountain, you will feel like standing in the vast sea of the clouds. The fresh air, clear water, beautiful flowers, green trees, cliffs, springs, hanging streams and the twitter of the birds all together composes a splendid landscape which has attracted so many people from all over the world.

Travel Tips:
Location: Northwest of Tongren city, Guizhou province
Admission fee: CNY 50
Opening hours: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Transportation: You can take a train to Yuping city, and take a minibus to Tongren, then take a minibus to Fanjing Mountain.

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