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HK students excited about space lecture


10:26, June 20, 2013

Students in Hong Kong are showing great interest in the upcoming space lecture. And they have a lot of questions of their own.

This is La Salle Primary School in Hong Kong.

20 4th grade students are having a space lecture.

The subject --"Question the astronauts".

The curious students hope they’ll get the answers when Wang Yaping lectures from the Shenzhou-10 on Thursday.

Some students had made model planes, and hope to see the astronauts flying similar models in space.

Their teacher says the students are enthusiastic about the Shenzhou-10 lecture.

Aerospace class teacher Lei Jianquan said, "We used to think space was far away from us. But now it’s different. We have a teacher on the Shenzhou-10. We feel she is very close to us. Students can ask questions, and the astronauts can do zero-gravity experiments for us."

The teacher also says people in Hong Kong knew little about space before 2003, when China sent astronaut Yang Liwei into space. Since then, with the development of China’s manned space program, more and more schools in Hong Kong are conducting weekly aerospace classes.

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