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Students' questions for astronauts


08:38, June 20, 2013

Students all over China are looking forward to the lecture from space today. They have plenty of questions for the astronauts.

A student in Beijing Fuxue Hutong school said, "If we play golf in space, will the golf ball return?"

A student in Lhasa First Elementary school said, "What does the moon look like in space? And since Mount Qomolangma is the tallest mountain in the world, can they see it from space?"

A student in Yangming school for migrant children said, "When they are taking a bath, does the water float in the air?"

A student in Lhasa Middle school said, "They say female astronauts can bring some non-toxic cosmetics to space. Does this make-up feel uncomfortable when she puts it on?"

A Hong Kong student said, "What if someone gets sick in space? What should they do?"

A Taiwan student said, "In zero-gravity, do the astronauts ever accidentally hit dangerous items?"

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