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Rescue, safeguard work for Shenzhou-10 mission in motion


15:29, June 10, 2013

Rescue and safeguard efforts for the Shenzhou-10 mission are now in motion. The ceremony for initiating the efforts has been held in Shanghai's Waigaoqiao dock. Rescue ship No. 101 and No. 112 have set off from here to join others.

A network on the sea has been set up. It aims to search and collect fragments that fall off from the spaceship, and to search emergency returning capsule and rescue astronauts inside if any accident occurs.

The network starts from East China's Jiangsu Province all the way to the the island of Guam in West Pacific, stretching 2,400 nautical miles. The Rescue Bureau of the East China Sea has been in charge of the safeguard work from Shenzhou-Seven to Shenzhou-Nine missions.

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