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Folk songs brighten a community

By Ye Xin (People's Daily Online)

10:26, July 05, 2013

Local residents wearing traditional national costumes sing folk songs to welcome visitors at the Dalongtan Community of Liuzhou City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. (People's Daily Online/Ye Xin)

Dalongtan Community in Liuzhou city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has forged an indissoluble bound with folk songs.

For the local residents folk songs are just like Bible for Christians. People here enjoy singing folk songs. They sing folk songs to welcome friends from afar, to express their opinions on social events, and to mediate in neighborhood disputes.

A community work station established by the United Front Work Department of Liuzhou District Committee opened here on May 28, 2102, which organizes local residents to give their suggestions about community construction by singing folk songs.

The community usually holds discussion on various issues about community construction in the way of singing folk songs. The presenter and every participant are requested to sing folk songs instead of speaking. The way receives widely support from residents.

The community owns an online forum. At the forum, a user who calls herself as "San Sao" is the most famous moderator.

San Sao uses folk songs to mediate in neighborhood disputes and gets supports and responses from lots of followers.

Actually, San Sao is an officer of the Dalongtan Community. As a member of the united front work, San Sao created a new way in promoting ethnic policy by singing the folk songs together with all nationalities.

"Living in this community, we feel happy and satisfied," said a local resident.

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