China enters Summer Solstice

China enters the summer solstice at 13:04 Beijing time on June the 21st, the most important solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. It means the hottest weather of the year is on its way.

Doctors' susggestions for food in summer: green beans, water melon, fish, sugar cane, pears and other light seasonal food.

Summer Destinations

Shake your body in the sizzling summer

Five tips help lose weight

People always make a firm decision "I am going to lose weight" at the very beginning, and finally "I mean to".

Bacteria may blame for obesity

Microscopic living organisms in the gut, microbiota, might play a crucial role in gaining weight.

Lemon can help you lose weight

Lemon is a nutritious fruit rich in vitamin C, it’s good for beauty and slimming with long-term use.

Various ways to take a bath in hot spring

In hot summer, take a bath in hot spring has another taste