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AVIC Aerospace Life-Support Industries Ltd. (17)

(People's Daily Online)    18:41, December 27, 2013
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Headquartered in Xiangyang, a famous historical and cultural city well-connected with other cities in the nation, AVIC Aerospace Life-Support Industries Ltd. (AVIC ALA for short) is affiliated to AVIC Electromechanical System Co., Ltd. of Aviation Industry Corporation of China and merged by former State-owned No. 510 Factory, No. 520 Factory, No. 610 Institute in 2003 with a staff force of 4,417 people.

AVIC ALI is mainly involved in the research and manufacturing of aviation defense and lifesaving/airborne and airdrop equipments. After more than half a century of development, it has grown to a system level product and service provider for fields like aviation catapult lifesaving, air crew individual protection, heavy weight airdrop, with core professional capability up to world advanced level. Its defense products can not only satisfy China’s demands for building a modernized army force, but are sold to a dozen of countries.

In addition to focusing on the core business, AVIC ALI has also actively promoted vertical research and horizontal product expansion, successfully developing astronaut protection and lifesaving equipments and astronaut aviation physical exercise facilities, as well as many special equipments for microenvironment thermal protection system like armour, warship and airplane. Relying on consistent self-breakthrough, AVIC ALI has realized transition from single aviation product and service provider to a versatile one for aviation, land, sea users, providing powerful guarantee for the modernization of China’s army force.

Upholding the development strategy of “Two Integration, Three Innovation, Five Missions, Trillion Proceeds”, AVIC ALI has paid high attention to both military and civilian good sectors, and established a colossal fleet combining one listed company as well as many civilian goods sub-companies to actively merge into global aviation industry chain and regional economic development circles. Its major products involve fields like commercial aircraft cabin inner decoration, auto parts, air sports, petrifaction, environment protection and mineral resources. The company is a leading player in such three fields as commercial aircraft seat, fire balloon, and auto seat adjuster across the nation. Equipped with a technician team of 1,628 professionals engaged in various fields, with 40-strong staff as owners of special allowance from the State Council, AVIC ALI enjoys a powerful talent resource for R&D. It has established key lab for aviation protection and lifesaving technologies, national /national defense recognized calibration lab, and a professional academic board under the leadership of three academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has an academician (expert) work station as confirmed by Chinese Association for Science and Technology and a national certified enterprise technical center, and owns the right to confer the master degree in aviation and astronavigation science and technology, aviation and astronavigation propulsion theory and engineering. After its establishment, 69 R&D projects of AVIC ALI have been conferred with Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement of national, provincial and department level, among which, four are projects of award winners for scientific and technological advancement of national level. Besides, AVIC ALI also has presided and co-prepared 59 national and industrial standards and owned 121 patents.

AVIC ALI has established a complete professional test and verification system, won many large basic scientific research equipments like a 6-kilometer-long globally-leading high precision rocket sledge test slideway, the only high-speed air-current blowing platform in Asia, disadvantage posture lifesaving performance test system, the only professional pool for water borne comprehensive lifesaving, test, and training system. It also enjoys sound conditions to carry out verification for various tests on key technologies like high-speed/high-accelerated speed dynamic property ground synthesis simulation test, structure static property test, environment adaptation and reliability test, basic physical property test, physiology compatibility test, aerodynamic characteristics test, as well as airborne and airdrop equipment ground performance test.

AVIC ALI boasts advanced and powerful manufacturing capability in aviation, aerospace, weapon fields and has put in place an integrated system for both trial and mass manufacture with sound layout, optimized flow, scientific configuration, and quick response ability. The company can carry out a wide range of manufacturing missions for metal, nonmetal, textile, initiating explosive device, electronic, and non-traditional machining.

The company has established strict quality assurance systems in line with international and industry standards, and has passed through certification of GJB9001, TS16949 and other quality systems.

AVIC ALI has maintained strong momentums for quick development since its establishment, witnessed upgrading economic aggregate and enterprise scale, and enhanced social and industrial influence. The quickly expanded company is also an active social contributor, with enthusiastic involvement in disaster-relief, poverty-reduction, school-aid, construction of socialist new rural area, youth science publicity, competitive sports, and other activities of public good, fully fulfilling the responsibility of a responsible corporate citizen in building a harmonious society.

The aviation defense products of AVIC ALI include: protection and lifesaving facilities like aviator rocket ejection seat for fighter, bomber, training plane, parachute, helmet, oxygen mask, anti-load/pressure compensating suit, biochemical protection suit, aquatic protection, lifesaving projects; anti-crash set for helicopter; protection and lifesaving facilities for special aircrew of transport plane, airborne warning and control system; and weapon, military and civilian airdrop system.

The civilian products of AVIC ALI include: auto parts and components like auto seat, seat adjustor, auto door lock, isolator, variable speed box shifting fork; civilian aviation products like commercial aircraft seat and living facility, civil aviation life jacket, fire balloon, hot-gas airship, paraglider, and powered parawing; petrifaction environment protection and public water treatment facility, special textile material, pump, fire fighting helmet, and minerals.

[AVIC ALI Highlights]

﹡One of the major R&D organizations for aviation life safety in the world

﹡The sole hi-tech company engaged in research and manufacturing of aviation protection, lifesaving/airborne and airdrop facilities

﹡The biggest comprehensive test base for aviation protection, lifesaving/airborne, and airdrop facilities in Asia

﹡The biggest research and manufacturing base for commercial aircraft seats in China

﹡The biggest research and manufacturing base for fire balloons in China

﹡The biggest research and manufacturing base for auto seat adjustors in China

﹡National certified enterprise technical center

﹡Academician (expert) work station as confirmed by Chinese Association for Science and Technology

﹡Key lab for aviation protection and lifesaving

﹡National/national defense calibration lab

﹡Owner of master degree awarding right in aviation and astronavigation science and technology

﹡Owner of master degree awarding right in aviation and astronavigation propulsion theory and engineering

﹡Excellent contributor to China’s aviation sector

﹡Prominent contributor to China’s manned space flight project

1. Test on Shenzhou manned spaceship

AVIC ALI simulates high speed and high accelerated speed dynamic environment in which the spaceship will confront during flight by means of ground test based on rocket sledge slideway dynamic pressure simulation test technologies, and conducts the first domestic research on escape tower and recovery capsule testing for Shenzhou Manned Spaceship.

2. High-speed air-current blowing test platform

High-speed air-current blowing test platform is a large aerodynamics test facility, mainly used to verify the adaptability of aviation protection and lifesaving equipment, parachute products and other weapons to high-speed air-current environment. This pioneering platform, which is independently developed by AVIC ALI, enables China to become the fourth country after US, Russia, UK to own the similar test capability.

3. Flight facility for aviatrix

AVIC ALI was entrusted to design flight facilities for the first batch of fighter plane aviatrixes in China. Such flight facilities, which were tailored to suit aviatrixes’ body features in combination of aesthetic elements, highlight Chinese aviatrixes’ glamour, filling up the gap in domestic aviation equipment and facility sector with excellent social benefits.

4. Heavy weight airdrop system

The heavy weight airdrop system is the first non-platform heavy weight airdrop system used to airdrop tracked armored vehicles in the nation, and suitable for tracked infantry fighting vehicles airdropped from Ilyushin-76 and Yun-8 aircrafts. This system tremendously enhances the operational effectiveness of airborne troops and now works as one of the major fighting facilities for China’s airdrop troop.

5. Civilian aircraft seat

In January 2010, after AVIC ALI-Jiatai delivered the business-class and economy-class aircraft seats under their design and manufacturing to Shenzhen Airlines, both parties officially started to implement their contract on installation of dozens of aircraft seats for the newly-purchased Airbus A320 planes by Shenzhen Airlines. AVIC ALI-Jiatai is engaged in research, manufacturing and sales of series of aircraft seats in the nation, and the sole domestic player in the sector with license gained from CAAC for manufacture and repair of civilian aircraft seats and parts. AVIC ALI-Jiatai won Certificate of Flightworthiness for its KKY400 civilian aircraft seats from FAA in May 2011, and officially became the seat provider for Boeing in March 2013.

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