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The otherworldliness of Tianfu Sand Palace (3)

CRI Online)  15:52, July 17, 2013  

Rust-colored rocks gracefully fill the valley's borders at Gansu Province's Tianfu Sand Palace. ( Wang)

The difficulty of finding the area has also helped keep it pristine. It is a spot which has amazingly escaped exploitation for tourism. It makes for a quiet, even meditative escape from urbanity. Although loud construction and dirt roads limit access to Tianfu Sand Palace, a significant part of the area's magic will disappear when the adjacent freeway is completed. It is a shame to see cranes and bulldozers chewing away at this incredibly unique landscape and delicate ecosystem. Hopefully most of the area will escape unscathed.

Tianfu Sand Palace is located at the Longfeng Gorge in the east of the Mount Renshou, Lanzhou, Gansu Province.To get to Tianfu Sand Palace from Lanzhou, drive along the North Hebin Road, turn right on Mo Gao Boulevard, and then head down the Gao An driveway. Tour buses from Lanzou also make the trip directly.

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