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The otherworldliness of Tianfu Sand Palace (2)

CRI Online)  15:52, July 17, 2013  

One of the valleys at Gansu Province's Tianfu Sand Palace. ( Wang)

What there is is an approximately 5 kilometer long Y-shaped valley, bordered by grassy slopes and the occasional gurgling stream. A winding pathway plods along its bottom, while many smaller side routes wait to be explored.

According to guide Zhang Yuxi, the Tianfu Sand Palace is particularly popular with women, who come to see the impressively phallic towers of rock. It seems like he's joking, but he's not. Ming Jiang refrained from commenting on the sexually charged rock shapes, noting that the site was definitely romantic in one way or another. "This is a good place to come with your girlfriend," he said dreamily. "It's so quiet."

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