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Realizing Chinese Dreams through porcelain artwork (2)

CRI Online)  08:44, July 16, 2013  

Porcelain artwork featuring the pattern of peony flowers is shown at the 2013 China International Consumer Products Exhibition. ( Wei)

"There are more than 1000 kinds of Luoyang peony in 9 different color variations. In order to make our products precise in color, we have to continue to adjust the color and glaze the products numerous times. For the pattern of the Luoyang Red Peony, we tried more than 1000 times before finally fixing the right color. But I'm still not satisfied even now."

It isn't only beginners who experience this kind of problem. Even for porcelain masters with professional backgrounds, working in this industry is still extremely hard.

Yang Jinlan, founder of the Miaoyin Red Porcelain Workshop, was born in Yixing, a city famous for its red porcelain products.

"When I glaze teapots, I have to stay up late. During the busy period, I can only sleep for 2 or 3 hours everyday because I must finish all the products on time. When that happens, I even contemplate quitting this career and giving up making red porcelain."

However, Yang has persisted and is still in the red porcelain industry. Now, she has a more definite goal to realize her Chinese dream via her artistic teapots.

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