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'Beautiful sides' of two different cultures in photos (2)

By Fu Jing (China Daily)

08:25, May 27, 2013

A vendor cooks and sells turnip strip cakes, a traditional food in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.. (China Daily / STEVE HUI ZHAO)

He originally planned to just take photos of Germans, while a German photographer would take photos in China. The two photographers would then co-produce an exhibition to show the cultures of the two countries.

But Zhao proposed combining the two series of photos into one.

"As a Chinese photographer, I am confident I can finish the work," said Zhao. His innovative proposal was accepted.

Zhao said his visit to Germany was memorable and he was touched by the charm of Germany.

Zhao attempted to capture images of common people in their daily lives, and he wandered through the cities in search of interesting images.

"I went to a hundred streets from day to night, carrying my heavy luggage," he said.

He visited nine cities, including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Hamburg. By the end of the trip, he had take more than 4,000 photos.

"The schedule was tight for such a big country. I walked with my eyes wide open and enjoyed a visual feast," Zhao said. "Sometimes, I just rested on the side of the streets, keeping the camera on and waiting for the persons to jump into my lens."

Zhao spent years in the US and has traveled to many different countries. "I prefer to say the years I lived out of China expanded my views on the fascinating culture everywhere in the world.

"This has increased my awareness of our own culture, and it has given me an intense desire to show the beauty of China to the world."

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