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Chinese Premier on first foreign trip to demonstrate diplomacy of new leadership (3)


09:00, May 14, 2013

On the political level, Li is expected to meet with foreign counterparts, ministers, parliamentarians and party leaders of the four countries, demonstrating China's sincerity and confidence in strengthening political communication and cooperation with the four.

Political mutual trust has been an important premise of the healthy development of bilateral ties. During Li's visits, China hopes to reach more political consensus with the four countries, which would increase political mutual trust and boost the overall development of bilateral ties.

In the economic field, Li is to ink a host of cooperative deals and strive to achieve breakthrough in several economic and trade negotiations.

Economic cooperation between China and the four countries have flourished in recent years.

China is Germany's largest trade partner in the Asia-Pacific region, while Germany is China's largest trade partner in Europe. A free trade zone between China and Switzerland will inject impetus to bilateral cooperation. China and India have agreed on a goal to raise their annual trade volume to 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2015. China-Pakistan trade has grown by more than 20 percent every year.

Li's visits are expected to carry forward pragmatic cooperation between China and the four nations, which will benefit not only themselves but also the global economy which is still plagued by financial woes.

To promote cultural and people-to-people exchanges, the Chinese Premier, during his visits, will meet local people from all walks of life.

Better understanding and deepened friendship between peoples will lay a more solid foundation for the development of relations between countries.

It is gratifying to note that China has achieved fruitful results in cultural and people-to-people exchanges with the four countries, with Li's visits set to further cement the bonds.

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