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Arabic language opens doors for Chinese (3)

By Mu Qian (China Daily)

13:30, May 08, 2013

Tongxin Arabic School helps local youths secure better jobs in developed areas. (China Daily)

"When I graduate, I hope I can go abroad for further studies because I want to experience different environments," says Ma Xue, a second year student at the school.

Ma Xue says she would like to study in Malaysia or Iran, and if possible, she also wants to work abroad.

More than 300 graduates of Ningxia Muslim International Language School have already gone abroad to study since it was founded three years ago.

Ningxia is making use of its Muslim background to develop economic ties with Islamic countries. The China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum has been held annually in Ningxia's capital city Yinchuan since 2010.

In Yongning, a "World Muslim City" was launched last year. The project, which will be completed in eight years with an estimated investment of 23 billion yuan ($3.74 billion), will consist of 23 sub-projects including a World Muslim Folk Culture Street, a convention center and high-end hotels.

The project is part of Ningxia's strategy to become an "inland economic experiment area that opens westwards" and an "international tourism destination for the Muslim world".

This is good news for Ningxia's students of Arabic language, who are expecting to find more chances of employment at home.

"If there are good jobs in Ningxia, I would surely come back," says Ma Xu, who works in Yiwu.

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