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Jackson's IMMORTAL tour to thrill Chinese fans (3)


08:50, May 08, 2013


The production is woven together by more than 35 of Michael's songs including classics such as Beat It, Billie Jean, and Earth Song, alongside popular hits from the Jackson 5 era. The musical component of the show was fashioned by Musical Designer Kevin Antunes and Musical Director Greg Phillinganes, who worked with Michael for over 25 years.

Using mash-ups, remixes and new arrangements, The IMMORTAL World Tour brings a breathtaking array of material to the stage, incorporating elements from his many artistic periods. The result is a complete soundscape, assembled from hours of recordings and unreleased material. The audience will hear Michael's fingers click and his feet stamp, creating an engaging and intimate experience.

Michael's beautiful, rich voice dominates the mix, and soars over the playing of a live band. The stellar on-stage band includes Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett, who played drums for Michael for 30 years, as well as a host of musicians that enjoyed a close, personal relationship with the star.

"It starts with the music," says Director Jamie King. "Michael's voice is what drives the show. I have the opportunity to carry on Michael's legacy, to take all that energy – all that he was and was going to be – and build it into this production. Our goal is not to simply cover Michael, but to take his music to a whole new level. "

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