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Jackson's IMMORTAL tour to thrill Chinese fans (4)


08:50, May 08, 2013


In paying tribute to Michael's legacy, Jamie King has also utilized dance choreography, video projections, and creative storylines that evoke his phenomenal music and peerless stagecraft. Video projections integrate footage of Michael's on-stage performances, making his presence an almost-palpable part of the show. The set and costumes are masterpieces of conceptual design, bringing together iconic styles and objects from Michael's life, immersing the audience completely in his remarkable story.

"Michael Jackson is an artist that left an indelible mark on the history of pop music," said Adam Wilkes, Senior Vice President of AEG Live Asia. "Just years after his passing, fans in Shanghai will have their best ever opportunity to experience the magic of seeing Michael on stage. This multi-media spectacular embodies the spirit of his music, and celebrates his legacy for his Chinese fans. No performance of this type has ever before been seen on a Shanghai stage, and no show will ever come as close to recreating the golden age of the undisputed King of Pop."

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour presented by Budweiser
August 15 to 18, 5 shows
Mercedes-Benz Arena
Price: 280/480/680/880/1280 (VIP)
Ticket Order: 400-610-3721,
English: 021-5150-9199,

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