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Shanghai gets public more involved in art (4)

By Yang Yang (China Daily)

11:37, April 29, 2013

Dome and steel structure inside the defunct cement plant, which will be converted to a "cloud theater" for the biennale.

"In this way, the old industrial plants will get new vitality through a re-design and we'll find that new beauty," Zhang concludes.

Over the next six months, before the biennale commences, those 12 architects, including Zhang Yonghe; the Italian Vito Acconci, one of the founders of performance art; and the Danish company Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects will be visiting the waterfront to get to work on their experiments.

Afterward, artists from other fields can create their own work based on their understanding of the buildings and the surroundings to form a dialogue between architecture and other artistic forms.

In any case, unlike so many biennales, the art activities here will roll on even after the 58-day event closes.

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