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Star-studded affair at Dior's first runway show in China (3)

By Zhuan Ti (China Daily)

10:40, April 28, 2013

Famous actor Huang Xiaoming. (China Daily)

The event also had a number of other celebrities from Shanghai and Beijing in attendance including Wan Yingnu, Ye Mingzi, Tiffany Zhang, Xie Dongna, Ma Yanli, Meng Guangmei, Wang Xiaofei, Cao Difei, Alan Zhao and Tony Li, as well as Hong Kong counterparts such as lyricist Wyman Wong and film director Alexi Tan.

The after-show celebration culminated in a performance by the English synth-pop duo Hurts invited by Van Assche.

The company said duo's avant-garde music style and on-trend appearance are fully in keeping with the essence of Dior Homme.

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