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U.S. president welcomed at Israeli airport (2)


08:48, March 21, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a welcoming ceremony at the Ben-Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 20, 2013. Obama arrived in Tel Aviv in Israel Wednesday to start his first visit as U.S. president to Israel. Obama will spend three days in Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan.(Xinhua/Yin Dongxun)

Peres called Obama a "dear friend and remarkable world leader" and said that the visit, termed "Unbreakable Alliance," demonstrated the strong relationship between Israel and the United States.

Following the ceremony, Obama witnessed a demonstration of anti- missile systems including the Iron Dome and Magic Wand and then made his way to Jerusalem where he will hold official meetings with Netanyahu and Peres.

Obama's three-day visit to the region will also include meetings with Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and visits to special landmarks.

This is Obama's third visit to Israel but the first one as U.S. President.

The aim of the visit is mainly to get the Israeli people to " warm up" to the U.S. president and there are no expectations of tangible results from the visit regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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