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Dancers unlimited by disabilities (2)

By Song Yaotian (CNTV)

13:44, March 05, 2013

Dance "Thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy" (CNTV)

Watching them dance, you cannot find any difference from other dancers. But to achieve this level of performance, they have to work much harder then the rest of us. Along with getting enjoyment of their art, you will be inspired by their perseverance.

This duo is performing "Butterfly Lovers", or the Chinese Romeo and Juliet. With little guidance from the teacher, their moves tell a heart-wrenching love story about separation and reunion.

The students can also heat things up in Latin style, matching perfectly with the high-octane music.

Liang Yuangang & Yang Xiangtian, Dancing Duo, said, "The most difficult part for us is that we cannot hear the music. So we have to remember the rhythm by heart, or by feeling the vibrations in the floor."

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