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Keeping extravagance within the cage of regulations (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:28, January 25, 2013

It is refreshing for the public to see the central and local governments make efforts to promote thrift. There are still a large number of extremely poor villages such as Fuping and Luotuowan in China, and the country’s Gini coefficient reached as high as 0.474 last year. Even if the economy permits, officials should still strictly practice thrift and combat waste. Xi’s call for thrift is not only in line with people’s expectations, but also meets the basic requirements of modern political ethics. Government officials at all levels have no reason not to set a good example in practicing thrift.

Lack of effective supervision and regulation is the root cause of rampant corruption and frequent recreational activities using public funds. In order to promote thrift and combat waste, the government should improve various systems to put power in cage.

For example, it should improve the budget system, properly manage public funds, accelerate disclosing budget information to the public, and accept public supervision.

In short, the government should adhere to thrift, and make full use of strict systems and public supervision to deter officials from extravagant spending.

Read the Chinese version: 用制度把“奢靡之风”关进笼子, source: Beijing News

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