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Who has stolen our air quality? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, January 16, 2013

Du said that he is willing to make the best effort to appeal to the public: we who breathe the same air should bear the same responsibilities. No one can be spared from living in the polluted air and everyone has a part in generating such pollution. "As for the recent few days, it is best to stay at home and not go anywhere. Do not go outdoors to 'aggregate' the air pollution anymore."

"Everyone is emitting suspended particles"

Regarding the hazy weather in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Wang Yuesi, researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences said there are three main reasons. The first is meteorological reason, mainly because the air does not circulate or flow, so that the pollutants easily accumulate, and water vapor concentration in the air is high.

The pollution is serious in Beijing because it has a disadvantage terrain, surrounded by mountains in three directions. He explained that in such condition, the pollutants are poured into the col with weak southerly winds, so that the airflow climbs up along the mountain, where the temperature drops with the height, causing condensation of the air into fog. Once particulate matters from the car exhaust emissions mixed with water vapor, they greatly reduce visibility.

The second reason is too much discharge from human activities. "People burn coal in winter for warmth. Automobile emissions are also serious and become worse when the traffic is jammed and the cars cannot move due to low visibility."

Further, because the air does not circulate, the pollutants will accumulate in the atmosphere, so that part of the gas pollutants is transformed into particulate matters.

Read the Chinese version: “我们都是空气质量‘小偷’”; Source: Beijing News

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