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Museums in Xi'an: The renovation of public services (3)

CRI Online)  13:33, January 15, 2013

Nong Qian works for the publicity department of Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum. ( Kun)

Pei Jianping, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi History Museum, said the facility had created a visitors' questionnaire to collect feedback. Those touring the museum can find a paper questionnaire on a desk next to the exit or complete an electronic questionnaire on interactive touchpads.

The Shaanxi History Museum also has created its own visitors' club called the "Friends of the Shaanxi History Museum." Club members can engage in annual exchange activities with museums in Taiwan as well as other leisure activities.

Ding Yuhong, a graduate of Zhejiang Ocean University who was visiting the Shaanxi History Museum, said the exhibit summary card was not informative enough for her to understand the stories behind the exhibits.

Pei Jianping said he was well aware of the problem and that the museum had set up interactive touchpads and produced videos and books about the museum for visitors.

As Xi'an has always been a top destination for foreign visitors, museums there have stepped up their efforts to present more information in English and other languages.

One visitor from the United States said he found the English spoken by tour guides and written on information displays in Xi'an museums was generally good and easy to understand compared to other places.

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