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Ordinary happiness makes us believe in love again (7)

People's Daily Online)  08:04, December 21, 2012

Flowers are left on “Ladder of Love", which was built as a labor of love by Liu Guojiang and Xu Chaoqing.Five decades ago, 16-year-old Liu met 26-year-old Xu Chaoqing and fell in love, which was seen as taboo for a young man to tie the knot with an older widow. They ran away and live reclusive life in the mountains. Liu hand carved 6,000 stone steps as Xu’s safe access to the outside world. (Xinhua/Chen Cheng)

If a famous couple who is considered as the model for all marriages breaks up, the most heard buzzwords of comment on China’s Internet may be “I don’t believe in love anymore”. However, behind the dramatic and ugly love tragedies, we still can get strength and understand the essence of love from small and ordinary happiness.

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