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Top 10 most popular foreign writers in China (5)  14:52, December 01, 2012

Thomas Brezina (

Top 7: Thomas Brezina (托马斯• 布热齐纳)

Royalty income: 2.6 million yuan (US$418,100)

Bestseller: "A Mystery for You and The Tiger Team" series《冒险小虎队》

Country: Austria

Age: 49

2011 Ranking: 3

Born in Vienna in 1963, Thomas Brezina is a producer of children's TV shows and is the most successful and influential children's writer in the German-speaking world. It's said that 92 percent of Austrian families with children aged 6 to 12 own copies of his books, and 88 percent of children in Austria know his name.

Brezina has written more than 400 works for 13-book series at present. Among them, the best-known one is his mystery series "The Knickerbocker Gang" and "A Mystery for You and The Tiger Team," in which he created a fascinating world for young readers with engaging adventures and gripping suspensions. His "A Mystery for You and The Tiger Team" series have been extremely popular in China.

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