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Stay hearty,stay healthy (3)

By Jonny Clement Brown (Global Times)

10:49, November 16, 2012

(GT Photo)

Stewed mushrooms and sweet potato

In China, mushrooms used for stewing are called donggu, which means 'winter mushroom.' An acquired taste, donggu mushrooms have a smooth velvety texture that's slightly chewy.

According to Sun, these mushrooms are high in vitamin A and B with medicinal microelements. For a warm desert, Sun recommends traditional Chinese sweet potato soup, which she says is "full of high-end protein and starch," which is easily converted into energy.

Foods containing niacin

Niacin is a nutritional organic compound found in foods such as milk, eggs and cheese, as well as coffee, peanuts, sesame and whole-wheat products. Niacin is good for enhancing the nervous system and also for increasing blood flow. "Basically it opens up the capillaries," says Huang, "so that the blood can more easily travel to the hands and feet, keeping them warm."

Tan says that keeping the feet warm through winter is essential, in order to nourish the kidneys. "In TCM, we believe the head should be relatively cool and the feet warm so that proper levels of fluid and energy can flow through the body."

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