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No cutting out on credibility for hairdresser (2)


08:32, November 15, 2012

The customers, mostly residents who have been to Ma's shop, said they were touched by his credibility.

"I just did what I should do," Ma said in an interview with Xinhua Tuesday. "I cannot shortchange the customers in the last days of my life."

Ma and his wife opened the 10-square-meter workshop on Nanjing's Hanjiang Road in 2001. His customers described him as "honest, smiley and having superb hairdressing skills".

Wang Liangting, a Nanjing resident who was the first to tweet Ma's story said, "Our whole family are regular clients. He is friendly and is always ready to help others. He visits the needy and handicapped residents in the community regularly and offers free haircuts."

Ma and his wife spent Saturday and Sunday waiting for customers at the store, said Wang. "He coughed badly and wore a face mask, but he waited until 8 p.m. Sunday."

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