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Online amenities create utopia of idiots, curb serious thinking (4)

By Wan Lixin  (Shanghai Daily)

09:28, November 12, 2012

Therefore the people most admired in the cyber age are those online information vendors, "intelligent idiots," who know something about everything, firmly in fashion, though without their own judgment and thought.

As Wang observed, cyber technology is an ideal tool for the control of brain and soul.

Wake up

Wang ended his commentary with an appeal to those who refuse to give up their brain's native function to discern, digest, doubt, disagree, and discover.

They would still be able to appreciate the beauty and sanctity of traditional classics, open only to the persevering and the inspired.

Hopefully, Wang mused, some of them would add something to the legacy of the spiritual storehouse bequeathed by our ancestors.

Traditional media still have a future if people have the innate urge to carry on their spiritual legacy.

Meanwhile a backlash is building against cyberspace inanities.

It was recently reported that an elderly man enjoying a rare gathering of his many grandchildren found himself doubly lonely because everyone of them was wrapped up in their iPads, iPhones and busy updating their weibo.

As a matter of fact, the grandchildren are more deserving of compassion, since they are condemned to a virtual world of emptiness, alone together in an orgy of loneliness. Will they one day wake up and fight against cyber enslavement?

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