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Marking 91st birthday, PLA marches into new era of reform, capacity building
Under southern China's scorching sun, marines climb high walls with their bare hands and crawl under barbed wire nets, with referees carefully timing them.
All aboard: China's high-speed rail 10 years on
The length of high-speed railway lines in China increased from zero 10 years ago to 25,000 km by 2017, accounting for 66 percent of the world's total.
Inspection team to verify substandard vaccine disposition
An inspection team was dispatched to check the disposition of substandard DPT vaccines produced by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. Wednesday.
How China, US misunderstand each other
There are different terms including trade dispute, trade war, economic war and soft war to describe the ongoing bilateral row.
Chinese smart phone brands to take over half of global market share
Chinese smart phone makers are expected to take 54 percent of the global market share this year.
Chinese firm commences laying of tracks at Kenya's extended SGR
The laying of tracks and rail sleepers is being carried out from the Rift Valley county of Narok toward the capital of Nairobi.
Ship lock and lift help ships climb over Yangtze River dam
The world’s largest ship lock and lift help ships complete a “smooth transfer” over the 113-meter-high water level difference.

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