Mon,Apr 14,2014

Chinese president urges stronger air force

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said modernization and regularization in the air force should be accelerated to build a stronger military.

Search of MH370 enters new phase with underwater vehicle scheduled for deployment soon

The Australian and U.S. searchers hunting for the missing Malaysian flight MH370 on Monday confirmed the underwater autonomous vehicle would be deployed " very soon".

China rebuts 'hard landing' warning

Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao hit back over the weekend at IMF warnings that the Chinese economy may face the threat of a hard landing.

PLA needs actions, not slogans: senior officer

A senior officer has urged the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to translate slogans into actions amid China's drive to build a stronger military.

Where is US diplomacy going? Part IV: Post-hegemonic era

In the final part of this series, experts from China and abroad discuss about new world order in the post-hegemonic era and the role emerging powers will play in this new order.

Investment to become the new engine of China-EU cooperation

The development of China-EU economic relations needs to be transformed and upgraded from a trade-led mode to an "investment + trade" driven mode.








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