SW China's Yunnan tops world in macadamia planting area

(People's Daily Online) 09:51, February 04, 2024

Photo shows a macadamia planting base in Lincang, southwest China's Yunnan Province. (Photo/Zhao Yongfeng)

Southwest China's Yunnan Province is the world's biggest producing area of macadamias, also known as the "King of Nuts."

As of 2023, the planting area of macadamias in Yunnan reached 3.79 million mu (252,667 hectares), accounting for 49.22 percent of the world’s total and ranking first globally, statistics from the Yunnan Macadamia Society showed. Meanwhile, the output of macadamias in the province hit 65,000 tonnes, second in the world.

The output of macadamias in Yunnan is expected to top the world in 2024, according to Chen Yuxiu, president of the Yunnan Macadamia Society.

Photo shows macadamia nuts. (Photo/Zhao Yongfeng)

Macadamia has brought prosperity to over 500,000 farmers in the mountainous areas of Yunnan's border regions.

Yunnan started to grow macadamia trees in the early 1990s. Chen introduced 30 tonnes of macadamia seeds from Australia to the province in 1993. She then led local farmers in cultivating improved varieties and developing planting techniques, and introduced advanced technologies from Australia.

Macadamia has become a "cash tree" for farmers in mountainous areas of Yunnan's border regions.

Photo shows Chen Yuxiu (2nd from right), president of the Yunnan Macadamia Society, and macadamia growers. (Photo/Zhao Yongfeng)

(Web editor: Chang Sha, Liang Jun)


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