Interview: Each BRI participant is a winner, says chief editor of Egypt's top paper

(Xinhua) 13:49, October 25, 2023

CAIRO, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Every participant of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which was proposed by China ten years ago, is a winner, Alaa Thabet, editor-in-chief of Egypt's top daily Al-Ahram Newspaper, told Xinhua recently.

The BRI has enhanced global development and trade over the past decade, creating more infrastructure projects, services, industrial zones, and free zones for trade exchange, "so everyone participating in the initiative is a winner," said the editor-in-chief.

"The BRI has led to the construction of massive infrastructure projects across continents, including roads, railways, ports, and energy pipelines," said Thabet.

"This has facilitated trade, connectivity, and economic development among BRI participating countries, especially in Asia and Africa," said the renowned Egyptian editor.

The third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held on Oct. 17-18 in Beijing was an important event that highlighted the achievements made by the initiative in the past decade and set the course for the coming years, he said.

He added that all BRI countries will benefit and achieve growth in trade as "the initiative opens new markets for them and encourages their products to access global markets."

"Through my follow-up of the BRI goals and projects, I am confident of the merit of the initiative and its ability to achieve broad interests for a large number of countries," Thabet said.

Thabet recommended conducting comprehensive assessment of the impacts of BRI projects before their implementation so as to "help ensure that the projects are sustainable and they meet the needs of all the parties involved," he said.

Among many joint projects in Egypt under the BRI, the construction of a huge business district is about to finish in Egypt's New Administrative Capital. There are 20 towers in the district including the 385-meter-high Iconic Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Africa.

Thabet said that the BRI has increased trade and investment between China and Egypt, improved the standard of living and created jobs for Egyptians.

"The BRI has also contributed to improving Egypt's infrastructure, including roads, railways and ports," said the senior Egyptian columnist.

Egypt and China can cooperate on energy projects such as solar and wind energy, manufacturing and technological industries, as well as services like tourism, healthcare, and education, according to the editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram.

"I believe that BRI cooperation will be an important opportunity for both countries to promote common development," the senior Egyptian editor said, expecting further cooperation between Cairo and Beijing under the BRI.

He stressed that the BRI represents "a far-reaching qualitative shift in global geopolitics, economics, and infrastructure investment over the past decade," describing its importance and impact as "great and multifaceted."

"In brief, the BRI has had a profound impact on the development of global infrastructure, trade, and economic growth over the past decade," Thabet told Xinhua.

"As it enters its second decade, I believe that the BRI is a positive force for global development," he concluded.

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