A master of Su embroidery

(People's Daily App) 15:41, July 17, 2023

Fu Jian, one of the leading inheritors of Su embroidery working under China's National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, has been creating beautiful embroidery for at least two decades.

As a particular type of Chinese embroidery, Su embroidery originated in Suzhou and is famous for its meticulous and varied stitching, elegant colors and beautiful designs.

The 36-year old summarized what he had learned from the industry: embroidery requires deep understanding of the art form.

"I studied painting since I was a child, and then tapped into design. After seeing a lot, I started to have my own ideas about embroidery. I am learning all the time, and I like to think things over," said Fu.

Even though Fu's embroidery works have gained him fame among Chinese netizens, he cares more about preserving the intangible cultural heritage.

"My goal is to create embroidery works. In the embroidery industry, the way the art is expressed could be totally different in a few years. Without professional training, one will not be able to keep up after five years. My ideal is to create as many astonishing works as possible to better inherit this culture," said Fu.

(Produced by Di Jingyuan and Dong Feng)

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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