Energy company partners with WWF to save biodiversity in Danish waters

(Xinhua) 10:32, April 22, 2021

COPENHAGEN, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Denmark's largest energy company Orsted and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is forging a partnership to explore opportunities to protect marine life and biodiversity in Kattegat, a waterway between Denmark and Sweden, said a WWF press release here on Wednesday.

"Fish plays a vital role in our marine ecosystems, and if predatory fish such as cod disappears, the entire ecosystem and the rest of the food chain will become unbalanced. The balance of the sea must be restored and ecosystems must be restored to ensure us a chance in the fight against climate change," said Bo Oksnebjerg, Secretary General of the WWF Denmark at the inauguration of the partnership.

The partnership came as the Scandinavian sea channel recorded a historically alarming low level of cod stock, which has been attributed to "overfishing, increasing oxygen depletion and loss of habitat."

As a consequence, the loss of the cod has also had a devastating impact on biodiversity within the Kattegat ecosystem.

"The animals are threatened by, among other things, climate change and loss of habitat. If we exploit the potential for green energy such as offshore wind, we can slow down climate change and help conserve marine ecosystems," said Filip Engel, director of sustainability, public affairs and branding in Orsted.

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Liang Jun)


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