Armless man sits postgraduate entrance exams, writing with foot

(People's Daily Online) 13:26, April 08, 2021

Peng Chao, an armless college student, was admitted to the Law School of Tongji University in Shanghai, after he sat the national postgraduate entrance exam, and passed the re-examination and an interview concerning specialized knowledge held by the university.

Photo shows Peng Chao taking part in the postgraduate re-examination held by Tongji University. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Peng lost his arms due to an accidental electric shock at the age of 6. Rather than indulging in his frustration and complaining, the boy started to try using his feet to finish all of his daily routine chores, including doing homework, brushing his teeth and washing clothes.

Photo shows Peng Chao writing with his foot. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Photo shows Peng Chao sending a text message with his foot. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

In view of his unremitting efforts to overcome various physical handicaps, Peng was awarded the titles of National College Student Model for Self-Improvement and National Model of Self-Improvement as a college student at the Law School of Sichuan University in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan province.

Apart from his academic studies, Peng also took an active part in various extracurricular activities, including taking elective PE courses. "I selected a football course, as it did not involve the hands," the young man joked, adding that he is fully capable of completing a variety of tasks just like his peers.

"I have always believed that I am capable of finishing any task like anyone else, as long as I make more efforts," said the graduate student-to-be.

Photo shows Peng Chao washing his face with his foot. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Photo shows Peng Chao posing for a picture on the campus of Sichuan University. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Photo shows Peng Chao making his bed. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Photo shows Peng Chao reading a book in the library. (Photo/China Youth Daily)

Photo shows Peng Chao posing for a picture in the law firm where he took up an internship. (Photo/China Youth Daily)


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