Tibet becomes home to 569 species of butterflies (10)

(People's Daily Online) 09:49, April 08, 2021
Tibet becomes home to 569 species of butterflies
Photo shows a Heliophorus ila. (Photo/Dawa)

A total of 569 kinds of butterflies have settled in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region so far, according to a butterfly expert.

Tibet is home to a rich variety of butterflies, said Dawa, head of a research team carrying out a survey of insect pollinators on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is part of the second comprehensive scientific expedition to the plateau.

Dawa added that the team may find more butterfly species as the expedition members continue their research.

Some butterflies only live in a certain area due to Tibet's complex geological and climatic conditions, which also results in rich biodiversity in the autonomous region, the expert explained.

Butterflies are commonly recognized as valuable environmental indicators due to their sensitive responses to subtle environmental and climatic changes. Therefore, the research and monitoring of butterflies is of great significance for the evaluation and protection of the ecosystem.


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