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Live: Premier Li Keqiang visits site of blasts in Tianjin

(People's Daily Online)    09:03, August 15, 2015

Mourning ceremony held for victims of the Tianjin blasts

Seven memorial places are set up to mourn the victims of the catastrophic blasts accident in Tianjin on Aug. 18, 2015. Soldiers of the PLA and the Armed Police Force, policemen, firefighters, volunteer representatives and local residents attended the mourning activities in different places.

No rescuers harmed by chemicals in Tianjin blasts

No rescuer has been made ill by chemical contamination since the warehouse blasts in north China's Tianjin port, the rescue headquarters told Xinhua.

Zhou Ti: rescued firefighter in Tianjin's Taida Hospital

A nurse takes care of the rescued firefighter Zhou Ti in Taida Hospital in north China's Tianjin Municipality, Aug. 16, 2015. Zhou has recovered smoothly and can have slop for food on Sunday. (Xinhua/Lv Dong)

Premier Li Keqiang visits site of blasts in Tianjin

Representing Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang went to the warehouse explosion site in Tianjin on Sunday to direct rescue work.

Special firemen from Liaoning, Jiangsu rush to Tianjin blast site

30 special firemen from Liaoning, Jiangsu have been dispatched by China's Ministry of Public Security to form a nuclear biochemical detection and prosecution team to work at Tianjin blast site Saturday evening.

Residents Rush Back to Homes after Tianjin Blasts

Death toll rises to 112 from ‎Tianjin blasts‬, and 95 missing including 85 firemen, local officials said during a press conference on Sunday morning in Tianjin. DNA confirmation process is underway.

Emergency Measures to Prevent Secondary Disasters in Tianjin Blasts

Emergency measures have been adopted in Tianjin to prevent secondary disasters three days after the deadly explosions hit the port city.

Energy sector asked to do safety checks after Tianjin blasts

China's energy watchdog on Saturday demanded safety checks on facilities and systems that involve dangerous chemicals or explosives following the deadly Tianjin blasts.

Scandal Plagued Shaolin Temple Abbot Leads Prayer Ceremony for Tianjin Blast Victims

The controversial Kung Fu Master and Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin was leading a prayer rituals for the Tianjin Blasts victims early Friday morning, according to Nandu Daily .

Profound lessons must be learned from Tianjin blasts: Chinese leaders

Chinese leaders on Saturday urged authorities to learn from the "extremely profound" lessons paid for with blood as death toll from massive warehouse explosions in Tianjin rose to 104.

Death toll rises to 104, residents evacuated from Tianjin blasts

Death toll from the massive warehouse explosions in north China's Tianjin city Wednesday night rose to 104, local authorities said on Saturday night.

Tianjin blasted warehouse on fire again

The warehouse in Tianjin, which was destroyed by an explosion on Wednesday night, was on fire again Saturday morning.

Sodium cyanide 'possibly stored' in Tianjin blasted warehouse

Specialists investigating Wednesday's explosion in Tianjin believe sodium cyanide might have been stored at the site.

Death toll rises to 85 from Tianjin blasts

Death toll rose to 85 as of Friday night, including 21 firemen, from the massive warehouse explosions hitting north China's Tianjin City Wednesday night, the rescue headquarters said Saturday.

Man rescued 50 meters from Tianjin blasts core area

A man in his fifties was rescued from the Tianjin blasts site on Saturday afternoon.Specialized anti-chemical soldiers found him 50 meters away from a burst point.

Firefighter recalls the moment containers exploded around him

Twenty-seven-year-old Yang Kekai couldn't get his terrible experience out of his head when he arrived at the blast scene in North China’s Tianjin on Wednesday night with 30 more colleagues as he lay in a hospital bed recovering.

Insurance watchdog wants speedy response to Tianjin claims

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) has asked for a quick response to insurance claims following the deadly blasts in the northern port city Tianjin.

25 critically wounded, 33 in serious condition caused by Tianjin blasts

More than 700 people have been injured in the massive explosions. Of these, 25 are now reported to be critically wounded and 33 others are in a serious condition. The condition of those with critical burn injuries is particularly serious. They are now receiving treatment at the hospital affiliated to Logistics University of People's Armed Police Force in the city.

Anti-chemical soldiers enter Tianjin blasts site

Specialized anti-chemical warfare soldiers entered the core area of the Tianjin blasts site on Saturday morning to search for possible lives.

Death toll rises to 56 from Tianjin blasts

The death toll has risen to 56, including 21 firefighters, from massive warehouse explosions that hit north China's Tianjin City Wednesday night, local authorities said Friday.

Types of chemicals in warehouse explosion remain unknown

At least 44 have been rescued from the debris in Tianjin Binhai New Area, after blasts originating from a dangerous-chemicals warehouse killed 56.

Military Chemical Specialists Enter Tianjin Blasts Site

On Friday morning, officers and soldiers from the anti-chemical warfare corps of the Beijing Garrison Command were seen taking samples of the explosives at the Tianjin Blasts Site, according Military Online.

Over 800 Firefighters Still in Action in Tianjin Blasts Site

The pictures taken by People’s Daily on Friday shows firefighters were still trying to put out fires in Tianjin Blasts site. By 2:15pm Beijing time, there were still fires with smoke and smells.

Another Missing Firefighter Found Dead, Comrades Salute Him at Blast Site

Another missing firefighter was found dead at 5:38pm on Friday at the Tianjin blasts site. His comrades were saluting him while his body was being carried away.

Exhausted Firefighters Napping on the Ground at the Tianjin Blast Site

Exhausted firefighters took rest on the ground at the Tianjing Blast site after 30 hours of rescuing on Aug 14.

#Tianjin Draws Continuous Attention (China on U.S. Social Media-- 0814)

#Tianjin US Social media is full of photos showing the devastation brought on by the Tianjin chemical explosion.

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