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Expert: China will maintain its diplomatic strategy until 2050

(People's Daily Online)    11:07, January 05, 2015
Qin Yaqing, President of China Foreign Affairs University (People's Daily Online/Yang Mu)

"China will maintain its current diplomatic strategy until 2050; at the same time, it will take tougher measures to protect national interests and adjust certain policies to maintain long-term core interests," said Qin Yaqing, President of China Foreign Affairs University, at a forum on international issues last Saturday.

International big data research shows that in recent years, "China's hard-line" has appeared with increasing frequency in international English-language media. International public opinion believes that China's diplomacy has turned tough since 2008, and this development will lead to international confrontation. They also hold the view that there will be an inevitable battle between China and the U.S. for hegemony and the dominance of the future international order.

According to Qin Yaqing, China's principles of moderation are the key to understanding both continuity and changes in Chinese diplomacy. Some changes complement an overall pattern of continuity and consistency.

Qin Yaqing points out three aspects of continuity. Firstly, strategic goals. China's diplomacy will continue to serve domestic political, economic and social development. Secondly, strategic layout. Big powers are the key; China's periphery is the priority; developing countries are the foundation; multilateral platforms are the stage. Thirdly, political measures. A non-aligned policy remains the main feature of China's diplomatic strategy, and economic diplomacy is still an important means of achieving diplomatic goals.

In terms of changes, Qin Yaqing believes that China's diplomacy will put more emphasis on the three basic elementts of core national interests: regime security, territorial sovereignty, and economic development. 

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