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Tuesday, March 19, 2002, updated at 11:09(GMT+8)

Touring China
Five Sceneries in Tibet Attain National 4A Title
Highland Hunting Ground -- New Tourist Attraction

The Dulan International HuntingGround on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the roof of the world, has become a popular attraction with foreign tourists in recent years.

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Highland Hunting Ground -- New Tourist Attraction
The Dulan International HuntingGround on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the roof of the world, has become a popular attraction with foreign tourists in recent years.

Macao Sees Over 10 Million Tourist Arrivals in 2001
The number of tourist arrivals in Macao hit a record of more than 10 million in 2001, thanks to a more attractive image of the special administrative region (SAR).

2002 Chinese New Year Parade to Hit Record
The 2002 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Parade will feature a record number of International floats and performing groups and the largest number of national tourism organizations in its history, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) said Tuesday.

Shandong Leads China in Investment in Tourism Industry
A total of record 126 million yuan (15 million US dollars) was spent last year to promote tourism industry of the eastern province of Shandong, outnumbering all other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country, according to sources. Shandong also took the lead in the country to target tourism as a pillar industry of the province's economy. The province, in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, made a comprehensive development plan for its tourism industry, and such smaller-scale plans are to be worked out for each city in Shandong. Last year the province received 820,000 overseas visitors, raking in a revenue of 380 million US dollars, up 13 percent and 20 percent respectively, while the number of domestic visitors reached 80.85 million, bringing in a revenue of 46.2 billion yuan (5.6 billion US dollars), up 15 percent and 19 percent respectively, according to statistics.

China to Streamline Travel Agencies
China will make greater efforts this year to streamline travel agencies throughout the country in a bid to form an industrial code, the China National Tourism Administration said Wednesday.

China to Speed Up Opening of Travel Service Industry
Now that it is a full-fledged member of the WTO, China will speed up the opening of its travel service industry, vice-premier Qian Qichen said Tuesday in Haikou.
China will allow big-name international travel agencies to entry the country so as to learn from their management and expertise, Qian said.

China Expecting 90 Million Overseas Arrivals This Year
China expects 90 million arrivals this year, sources with the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) said Tuesday at the annual tourism conference in Bo'ao, Hainan Province.

China Sets up Two New Joint Venture Travel Agencies
Sources with the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) said Thursday, two new joint venture travel agencies were set up recently. Currently, there are ten joint venture travel agencies in China.

Chinese Mainland Considering Moves to Boost HK Economy: Premier Zhu
Chinese central government is considering a number of measures in economic, financial, infrastructural and tourism fields to help boost the HK economy, said Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji Wednesday during his meeting with Tung Chee Hwa, chief executive of the HK SAR. Zhu praised the achievements made by Tung and his regional government over the last four or so years and believes HK will continue to play a non replaceable role in the future.

China Becomes Leading Tourist Market and Destination
China is now the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world and is to become the first in 15 years, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Tourism Propels Chinese Economy
Statistics show, tourism revenue has grown 12.7 percent annually in recent years, higher than the national average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 7.4 percent. Tourism has become the new growth area for the domestic economy.

Japanese Tourists Favor Shenzhen Travel
An increasing number of Japanese tourists have begun taking an interest in Shenzhen, a city adjacent to Hong Kong in the southern province of Guangdong.

Beijing Drafts Top Tourism Projects
Beijing has made a preliminary blueprint for three key tourism projects, scheduled for completion before 2008, according to the Municipal Tourism Administration.

Macao Receives More Tourists in July
The number of tourists to China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) inched up 0.3 percent year on year to 850,700 in July, according to the latest official tallies.

Beijing to Launch 3 Major Tourism Projects
Sources from Beijing Tourism Bureau say that Beijing is going to build a theme park, a convention-exhibition center and pedestrians street as three major projects before 2008 to boost the city's tourism.

Tourists Flock to Find "Shangri-La" in SW China
When British writer James Hilton published his book "Lost Horizon" in 1933, he might never have thought that so many people from different nations would have crazily followed his fictitious, mysterious story in search of "Shangri-La", which is said to be a Tibetan word for the paradise, or an ideal place.

Tourism Renews Ties Between Ancient Civilizations
In the middle of the thirteenth century, Italian Marco Polo made his way to China despite all the difficulties. At that time, there were few international tourists.

Tibet Through Eyes of Foreigners
The third time in Tibet, Byron Leonel Olayo, a Guatemalan, was deeply impressed by not only the increasing beauty of this "roof of the world" but also the dramatic changes taking place in this mysterious land.

Eco-Tour to Be Launched
This past June, the Conch Gully and Bifeng Gorge Scenic areas in Sichuan Province declared that they would work together to promote ecological tourism, or eco-tourism, by making use of each other's resources. This cooperative effort unveils Sichuan 's strategy for integration of its tourist resources. Above all, tourists will have more beautiful places to visit, according to the latest Beijing Review.

Three Featured Tours in Zhejiang Province
Yuyao in east Zhejiang Province has recently launched three featured tours: the "red" tour to Simingshan Mountain, the "green" tour to the bayberry woods, and the tour to ancient Hemudu Neolithic Ruins, according to the latest Beijing Review.

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