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"Peace Angels from Taiwan"

China disabled persons' art troupe starts Taiwan tour (2)

Taiwanese college students visit China's mainland

Facilitating cross-Straits links

Chengdu-Macao-Taipei flight operated

Buddhism performance in Kaohsiung

Taiwan Issue and China's Reunification
Ships and boats carrying personnel and equipment sail off braving gunfire from 'enemy forces' during a military drill on Saturday in the coast of Zhangzhou, East China's Fujian Province.
UPDATED 16:56, July 28, 2004
China sets clear timetable for solving Taiwan issue
According to HK-based Wen Wai Po reports, the CPC Central Committee recently held a "very important meeting", which again brought up the timetable for solving the Taiwan issue.
Taiwan warned: Don't miscalculate the situation
Determined crackdown upon and effective containment of "Taiwan independence" have become the most pressing task for compatriots across the Taiwan Straits.
China shows military muscle in weekend drill
About 3,000 people took part in a two-day weekend military exercise off the southeastern coast amid increasing tensions with Taiwan, reported Monday.

Taiwanese protest Chen's "inauguration"

300,000 people protest Taiwan election(2)

Taiwanese protest Chen's "inauguration"

Recount of disputed Taiwan election begins
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  • Taiwan sees first trade deficit in 4 years (16:43, July 13)
  • Over 60 percent of Taiwan enterprises long for "three direct links" (15:42, July 13)
  • China central banker cuts Singapore trip  (10:25, July 13)
  • Exchanges program starts between Beijing, Taiwan youth (09:17, July 13)
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  • US can hardly wait to sell weapons to Taiwan (17:04, July 09)
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  • Chinese state councilor urges US to handle Taiwan question properly (15:31, July 09)
  • China will never tolerate Taiwan independence: Jiang Zemin  (07:57, July 09)
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