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UPDATED: 14:16, July 21, 2004
A dangerous move: Commentary
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Recently, the US House of Representatives, in defiance of the three US-China joint communiques and the overall situation of the US-China relations, passed a co-called congressional resolution to reiterate the commitments to "Taiwan Relations Act". The resolution first fabricates so-called China military threat, it then preaches arms sales to Taiwan and presses for upgrading the military relations between the United States and China's Taiwan. It professes that "the United States will unswervingly continue to carry out the 'Taiwan Relations Act'". Obviously this is a wanton interference in China's internal affairs and thus cannot but arouse strong dissatisfaction and indignation among the Chinese people.

As known to all, the "Taiwan Relations Act" was unilaterally enacted by the United States. Its absurdity lies in the fact that the United States goes so far as to allow its government to interfere in another country's internal affairs in the form of domestic legislation. It is a contempt for and trample upon the United Nations Charter and international law. It also fully exposes the US overbearing acts of placing itself above the international code of conduct.

Since President Nixon's visit to China in 1972, the principles guiding the China-US relationship have been clearly written into the three China-US joint communiques. The core content of them is: the United States of America recognizes that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is part of Chinese territory; the United States undertakes to reduce, both in quantity and property, arms supplies to Taiwan on a yearly basis until such supplies come to a dead halt. These three communiques constitute the political basis for the China-US relations and the United States is duty-bound to seriously fulfill the principles stipulated in the three communiques. Any act in breach of the three communiques will damage the China-US relations.

However, what people actually see is the US words inconsistent with its deeds. On the one hand, the US government reaffirms repeatedly in words its position of "pursuing the One-China policy" and "opposing Taiwan independence"; on the other hand, the United States, both overtly and covertly, practices fraud and connives with the "Taiwan independence" forces. In recent days, in particular, Washington directed a series of provocative events: first the US House of Representatives passed an "Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act", which authorizes the Pentagon to send a general-rank military officer or Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary to Taiwan in order to "enhance Taiwan's capability to defense itself against China's mainland". Then the US government allowed Annette Lu to swagger through its territory. Recently, the Pentagon staged several military exercises around the Taiwan Straits. In the name of "testing the emergency response plan", seven US aircraft carrier battle groups will gather in West Pacific near the Taiwan Straits. The "Annual Report On The Military Power of the PRC 2004", released by the US Defense Department, again sedulously played on the same old tunes of "China military threat" and was used to induce and compel Taiwan to purchase US$18.2 billion worth of arms from the United States. It was also noticed that the United States is wantonly expanding the military base in Guam, where it is increasing deployment of cruise missiles, stealth bombers, nuclear-powered attack submarines and even aircraft carrier battle groups. An official with the US Defense Department said bluntly that these moves were "aimed at dealing with China and hurrying to the Taiwan Straits at the fastest possible pace". Not long ago, the United States supported Taiwan to join the World Health Organization (WHO), and now it wants to support the Island to become a permanent observer in the Organization of America States ---. Such words and deeds on the part of the United States have laid bare US hypocrisy in its policy toward China. The "pursuance of the One-China policy" and "abiding by the three US-China joint communiques" is being "hollowed out" by certain people in Washington.

It must be pointed out that departing from the principles of the three China-US joint communiques and obstinately sticking to the so-called "Taiwan Relations Act" will not only do serious harm to the overall situation of the China-US relations, but also jeopardize the US own interests. China has solemnly declared that the Taiwan issue concerns China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese government and people will never equivocate, never compromise and never give in on the issue. We Chinese will never tolerate, indulge and sit watching any move aimed at splitting Taiwan from China, whether it comes from inside or outside the Island. The United States should, proceeding from the overall consideration of developing the US-China relations and maintaining regional peace and stability, actually abide by the principles of the three China-US joint communiques and avoid sending wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces.

This is an article carried on the third page of People's Daily on July 20 and translated by People's Daily Online.

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