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Wednesday, March 07, 2001, updated at 14:35(GMT+8)

New Situations, New Tasks, and New Work Styles: Commentary

With the beginning of the new century, we face new situations, shoulder new tasks and need a new style of work.

The current international situation is developing in the direction favorable to us. Peace and development remain the main themes of the times, the world polarization tendency continues to develop and the international trend, as a whole, continues to head for relaxation. The international environment facing China is much better than it was in the late 80s and early 90s that saw the radical changes in Eastern Europe and the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Over the past 10 years or more, in the extremely sharp and complicated international struggles, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core has judged the hour and sized up the situation, held the initiative in its own hands, took various resourceful tactics and frustrated the plot of the hostile forces of the West to undermine us, socialist China led by the Communist Party of China (CPC) stands in a more powerful manner in the East of the world.

In observing the domestic situation, we must first see the mainstream, the general orientation and the general trend. At present, people of the whole country are determined, under the leadership of the Party, to realize socialist modernization, make the country powerful and the people wealthy and achieve national rejuvenation-this is the mainstream, the general orientation and the general trend. The whole Party and the people of the whole country, united as one, are confidently pushing forward the reform, opening up and modernization drive, that is the main indication of the favorable domestic situation. We continue to maintain the favorable situation characterized by economic development, political stability, social progress and national unity. People's living standards have further improved. New achievements have been gained for the reform, opening up and modernization drive. The whole Party and the people of the whole country have established a clear and firm ideological conviction: Only by carrying out reform and opening, can China develop and prosper, can the Chinese people advance toward common prosperity and can the Chinese nation achieve great rejuvenation.

We must also soberly see the existing problems and the challenges facing us. At present, we are faced with these extremely arduous tasks: deepening the reform of State-owned enterprises, readjusting the industrial structure, bringing about more income for farmers, making arrangement for the placement of laid-off workers, expanding social employment, straightening out the income distribution relationship and establishing a sound social security system. The passive phenomenon of corruption is still breeding and spreading in some regions and departments.

The hostile forces of the West have never for a moment ceased implementation of their strategic plot for "Westernization" and "divide". Various hostile elements at home and abroad, "Taiwan independence" elements and "Falun Gong" cult collude with one another, in a vain attempt to upset the excellent situation of China's stability and development.

China has entered a new development stage of comprehensive construction of a well-off society and acceleration of socialist modernization. Continuing the advancement of the modernization drive; accomplishing the reunification of the motherland; safeguarding world peace and promoting common development are the three major historical tasks we have taken upon ourselves after entry into the new century.

The favorable situation is opened up by the Party in leading the people of the whole country, the ideological-political foundation, material and technical foundation and the mass foundation for the fulfillment of the three major historical tasks in the new century are laid by the Party in leading the people of the whole country. The Party is the core of leadership in the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. With the Party's leadership, we can change the phase, however difficult, and the situation, however severe. Without the leadership of the Party, a good phase would be ruined and a favorable situation would be forfeited. This is a truth repeatedly borne out by countless facts, both positive and negative. Therefore, the key to consolidating and developing the present favorable situation, achieving the goal set in the outline of the 10th Five-year Plan for economic and social development and accomplishing the three major historical tasks set for us in the new century lies in further implementation of the important idea contained in the "three representatives" put forward by Comrade Jiang Zemin, successfully carrying out Party building in the aspects of ideology, organization and work style, constantly raising the Party's leading and ruling levels, enhancing our abilities to repel corrupting influence and guard against degeneration, and resist risk.

The Party's style of work is a matter directly affecting the Party's image and combat effectiveness. As we are to fulfill the task of modernization and be always carrying out the purpose of wholeheartedly serving the people, comrades of the whole Party, particularly leading cadres at all levels of the Party, must have a good style of work. Otherwise, correct lines cannot be properly carried out, the Party's work will also be seriously affected. A bad work style would seriously divorce one from the masses and from reality that, in turn, would seriously affect the feelings of the masses and their trust, in that case, it will be very dangerous for a ruling party. Party organizations at various levels must conscientiously sum up our Party's experiences, both old and fresh, gained in strengthening the building of the Party's style of work and, in light of the new situation and new task, carry out Party building in the aspects of ideology, work, leadership, study and cadres' lifestyle in an earnest and down-to-earth manner. In the style of ideology, we must adhere to the principle of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, oppose the practice of sticking to old conventions and seeking no progress. In the style of work, we must uphold the principle of forging close ties with the masses and oppose formalism and bureaucracy. In the style of leadership, we must follow the system of democratic centralism, oppose arbitrary action, and weakness and laxity; persistently observe Party discipline and oppose liberalization; and uphold the principle of cadre work, oppose the unhealthy tendency of employment. In the style of study, we must persist in integrating theory with practice, oppose copying mechanically and book worship. In the lifestyle of cadres, we must uphold clean and honest government, oppose passivity and corruption; persevere in hard struggle and oppose luxurious and dissipated life.

In strengthening Party construction in the aspect of work style, the most important thing is to persist in emancipating the mind and seeking truth fact facts. Comrades of the whole Party must oppose the mentality of being contented with the existing state of affairs, sticking to old conventions, seeking no progress, and attempting and accomplishing nothing. In the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must engage in making innovations again and again.

This article written by Our Commentator is published on the front page of People's Daily, March 7.

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With the beginning of the new century, we face new situations, shoulder new tasks and need a new style of work.

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