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China, U.S. strategic dialogue seeks to establish model for major power relations


08:08, July 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, July 11 (Xinhua) -- China and the United States on Thursday sought to set the tone for the model of a new type of major power relationship as officials continued with their annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED).

During a plenary session of the strategic track of the talks, U. S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who took over from Secretary of State John Kerry to co-chair the meeting, said in his remarks that as major powers look to forge a new model in relations, "our countries have a responsibility to show restraint, and our actions abide by the rules that govern international affairs."

Burns said the two countries must look beyond the idea of historical conflict between rising and established powers, and recognize that dialogue and cooperation not only benefit the two countries themselves, but also the region and the entire world.

He proposed making strategic talks and security cooperation a norm in U.S.-China bilateral relationship, saying "building upon this (major powers) relationship requires sustained effort and trust, which is why this week's U.S.-China strategic dialogue is important. When it comes to security, we seek to make our cooperation so common that it becomes routine."

State Councilor Yang Jiechi, the Chinese co-chair of the meeting, proposed in his remarks that a new type of major power relationship should adhere to two principles. The first principle is that the sides should build the relationship in the spirit of inheritance and development, and focus on common interest.

The second principle proposed by Yang is that the two sides should build the relationship in the spirit of mutual respect, and strive to obtain win-win through cooperation. He said the Chinese side is willing to work with its U.S. partner on issues concerning regional security and the humanity's common interests.

Chinese and U.S. officials on Wednesday kicked off their fifth round of S&ED, and the talks are to conclude later Thursday.

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