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Wang Yi: Sea disputes not problem for Sino-ASEAN ties


13:09, July 01, 2013

In pictures: Chinese FM Wang Yi asks for Sino-ASEAN cooperation in ASEAN+3 meeting

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China’s new leadership is committed to continuing the consolidation and deepening of its strategic partnership with ASEAN.

Wang made the comments Sunday while in Brunei for a meeting with top diplomats from ASEAN and other regions. He reiterates that China relies on peaceful negotiations. He also says China’s disputes with some ASEAN countries over territories in the South China Sea should not undermine overall relations between China and ASEAN. Wang also pledges that China will continue to work toward the resolution of all disputes in the South China Sea.

"China and ASEAN countries enjoy friendly relations and there’s vast potential for future development. At this year’s Foreign Ministers’ Forum, consensus on a number of issues is expected to further deepen our mutually beneficial cooperation," Wang said.

"The disputes over the South China Sea between China and some ASEAN nations are not the entirety of China-ASEAN relations. There are detailed guidelines in the 'Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea' on how to handle the issue and seek appropriate solutions through negotiations between the parties concerned. China will continue to make efforts in that direction."

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