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Italian scholar says he loves freedom based on history


08:33, June 13, 2013

ROME, June 11 (Xinhua) -- An Italian scholar on China studies said on Tuesday that he supports freedom based on history.

"I love the freedom based on historical facts, as history does not change," Adriano Madaro told Xinhua.

Madaro has launched an exhibition on Tibetan relics in the Italian northeastern city of Treviso since last October. "The western society has prejudice about Tibet, so I hope more people can know the real Tibet," he said.

The exhibition presents more than 100 cultural relics provided by the Palace Museum of China and the Beijing Working People's Palace of Culture, as well as historical documents and maps collected by Madaro himself.

"I spent a lot of money in many European countries to buy the maps, including a map published 200 years ago," Madaro said.

"The historical facts that exist in all of the maps show that Tibet is a part of the Chinese territory," he said, adding that he hoped to tell the truth by presenting these facts.

"It was quite significant and I will write a book about this special experience," he said.

The exhibition has attracted thousands of visitors, and some visitors thanked Madaro for providing them with an opportunity to know Tibet's history.

Madaro, once a well-known journalist, has been to China for more than 170 times since he first visited the country in 1976. He has traveled to China's Xinjiang for many times, and is writing a book about the western autonomous region, hoping to tell the world about a real Xinjiang.

He also wants to write a book about Tibet. "As the region has developed constantly, we should show it in a better way," Madaro added.

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