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Israel, China expected to perfect tech, manufacturing cooperation: Netanyahu


08:34, May 08, 2013

SHANGHAI, May 7 (Xinhua) -- Israel and China can perfect their cooperation in technology and manufacturing, visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented during a meeting with Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, here on Tuesday.

Netanyahu took notes himself at the meeting after he had posed a question on how to strengthen cooperation between Israel and Shanghai in a series of fields including technology, trade, and culture.

He also said that all Jews around the world have cherished a special feeling for the friendship with Shanghai.

Yang introduced to Netanyahu some ongoing aircraft and aerospace programs and competitive areas in Shanghai including bio-medicine, information technology, and new energy resources as well as architecture.

Meanwhile, he also informed the visiting Israeli PM of the city's conditions for attracting foreign investment and welcomed Israeli companies to come to Shanghai.

Netanyahu showed interest in cooperation with Shanghai in the mentioned fields as he said Israel has also made achievements in these areas.

He said Israel's scientific and technological strength means it can soundly cooperate with China, which has strong manufacturing and access to the international market.

Israel hopes to apply its technological achievements to the huge market in China so as to further improve Israel's levels of innovation, he added.

Netanyahu arrived in Shanghai on Monday, starting his official visit to China. During his visit, Netanyahu visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and met with representatives of Israeli entrepreneurs in China.

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