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Myanmar president hopes to boost ties with China


14:02, April 02, 2013

NAY PYI TAW, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar President U Thein Sein expressed wishes Friday to continue the development of neighborly and friendly ties with China, anticipating that the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries could make new achievement.

Thein Sein made the remarks when accepting the credential presented by newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Yang Houlan in Nay Pyi Taw.

At the meeting, Thein Sein said that Myanmar and China had a traditional friendship for a long time, adding that China gives firm support and help for Myanmar's national development and Myanmar deeply appreciates that.

He noted that since Myanmar's new government took office, the relations between the two countries have risen to a comprehensive strategic partnership to further develop mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields.

He said he is glad that he will pay a state visit to China in the near future and attend the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Meeting, stating that he looks forward to holding talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping to comprehensively exchange views on the major issues between the two nations.

He also reiterated Myanmar's firm support for China's core interests, including the one-China policy.

On the occasion, Chinese Ambassador Yang noted that China and Myanmar are friendly neighbors that enjoy a Paukphaw friendship.

Yang emphasized that in the new situation, China is willing to make joint efforts with Myanmar according to the requirements of the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, to enhance strategic mutual trust, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in the political, economic, military and other fields, and to enhance cultural exchanges between the two countries and civil exchanges for further consolidation of the bilateral relations.

Yang assured that he would make his utmost during his tenure to make contribution to the consolidation of Sino-Myanmar traditional friendship and deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation in various sectors.

Ambassador Yang Houlan arrived in Yangon on March 20 to take up the assignment in succession to Li Junhua.


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