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Dialogue needed to resolve Iran nuke issue: FM spokesperson


17:10, March 07, 2013

BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Thursday that dialogue and negotiations are the only way to resolve the Iran nuclear issue.

Hua made the remarks when asked to comment on China's response to the Iranian nuclear issue, as well as possible sanctions against Iran.

"We believe that Iran, as a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, possesses the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while following relevant international obligations," she said at a daily press briefing.

Blind sanctions will not help to resolve the issue and the use of force is even more unacceptable, Hua said.

Practices in the past year have proven that the maintenance and promotion of negotiations will help to properly solve the problem in a comprehensive way, she said, adding that recent talks in Kazakhstan resulted in active results.

China believes all relevant parties should increase diplomatic efforts in a flexible and practical manner and launch substantive negotiations at an early date, she said.

In February, representatives of Iran, the EU and the UN Security Council's five permanent members -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany (P5+1) held a new round of talks concerning Iran's nuclear program in Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan.

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