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Photo story: I'm the eyes for those I love

People's Daily Online)  13:43, July 31, 2013  

Picture taken on July 12, 2013 shows Gao Ran(left) with her parents and grandparents. (Xinhua/Hu Linyun)

Gao Ran, 15, lives in the Hexi District in Tianjin city. Her grandparents and parents all have vision impairment. Suffering also from other diseases, some of them lost the working ability. The whole family lives on the pension of the grandfather and the subsistence allowances.

Gao's mother said: "When learning that I was pregnant, I felt happy but anxious at the same time. I was happy to have finally my own baby. I was also deeply concerned if the baby would inherit congenital visual impairment. Fortunately, she was very healthy and had big, beautiful eyes. She became the light and hope of the whole family."

Gao went to school when she was five. Since then she learned to do the housework. She gets up at 5 a.m. to buy breakfast for the family members. After school, she goes to the market for groceries shopping at first. Then she helps the father prepare the dinner. After dinner, before doing the home work, she will wash the dishes and make a massage for her mother and grandmother. Facing the heavy life burden, she doesn't make any complaint, but accept it with optimism and hope.

Gao hangs up the washed clothes at home in Tianjing on July 12, 2013. She has learned to take care of the whole family since she was five.

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