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Family, hospital reach agreement in infant's death


07:59, July 22, 2013

FUZHOU, July 21 (Xinhua) -- An agreement in the high-profile death of an infant has been reached between the infant's family and the hospital, the investigation team said Sunday without disclosing details on the agreement.

The infant's body has been cremated, according to the team.

Photos suggesting that the skin of the back of an 11-day-old infant had been severely burned went viral online on Thursday after the baby girl died in the Quanzhou Children's Hospital in Quanzhou, a city in the eastern province in Fujian.

The hospital said in the infant's death verification that the baby died of a bacterial infection. However, the family suspected that she died from burns left by the hospital's incubator.

An investigation team was summoned in response to strong public concern. The family refused to let the team perform an autopsy, but investigators said an autopsy was the only possible way to find out the exact cause of death.

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