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Police kill dog after 4 people attacked

By Xu Chi  (Shanghai Daily)

09:37, July 02, 2013

A dog was shot dead by police after it attacked and bit four people last month in Qingpu District, officers said yesterday.

A witness told Xinmin Evening News it was a big black guard dog that belonged to a factory owner near the Jinghu expressway.

"I had just gone grocery shopping and was on my way back to the dorm when a big dog rushed at me. It bit my right hand so hard that I couldn't shake it off," a 57-year-old sanitary worker was quoted as saying. "Finally I got it off my hand and started to run away. But the dog chased me and it knocked me to the ground and bit me on my chest," said the worker, who was not identified in the report.

Some of his work mates came to protect him and scared off the dog, according to Xinmin.

Before that the dog, which weighed about 50 kilograms, bit a worker on his arms and buttocks as he passed by the factory on June 13, the report said.

Several guards heard the worker screaming and rushed to help, but the dog bit one of the guards on his hand. Blood was seen flowing from the guard's hand, a witness told the newspaper.

The dog then ran about 1,000 meters along Jiasong Road and entered a neighborhood where many company workers live and bit the fourth victim, the newspaper said.

People in the area called police and the dog was shot to death by an officer shortly after they arrived at the scene, another witness was quoted as saying.

All four victims were treated in hospital and they are now in stable condition, according to the report.

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